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The Mombasa youth assembly fisheries committee led by Hon Naima Twahir of Old Town ward visited the county fisheries committee on Tuesday 25th October at the county assembly buildings with an aim of discussing on the status of fishing industry in Mombasa county in a youthful perspective. The following were issues arose during the meeting

  • 1.      Work plan is already laid for research on fisheries and youth groups have been recruited from all parts by Mombasa County.
  • 2.      The committee needs time to respond to technical questions since they have just been separated from agriculture
  • 3.      M.Y.A will be involved in Fisheries Research and Development and what projects to be implemented.
  • 4.      There is a need to encourage youth to participate in fisheries activities and for them to join Beach Management Units (BMUs)
  • 5.      County Government issued Containers to every ward for fishing but the project has failed.
  • 6.      There are plans by the county government to issue to fishermen for deep sea fishing in November and all stakeholders will be involved.
  • 7.      Mombasa County so far has Trained 46 youth groups on fishing and have constructed 2 fishing vessels worth 15 Million each to be launched in November and given to BMUs.


The committee was informed that there were serious plans to revamp the fishing industry in Mombasa by the county government requested that we forward our findings to them early enough for considerations. The chair of the county assembly fisheries team promised to arrange a separate meeting with thee CEC Agriculture, livestock and fisheries, Hon Njaramba for further engagement

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The meeting held on 19th February was to introduce MYA officially to the senator and find avenues to work together for betterment the people of Mombasa more so in anchoring devolution practices.MYA was represented by a delegate of 22 members led by the president.


Madam speaker introduced the parliament briefly to the senator and welcomed Hon Ali to elaborate on our activities and partnership areas.

Hon Hassan Omar reactions

The senator welcomed everyone and expressed his joy to finally meet us because he has heard about our profile in plenty. He also expressed his reservations of seeing MYA as a shadow parliament in Mombasa with actual strong opinion on issues in the county and putting leaders on check in line with our non partisan policy.

Some of the issues he proposed for our contribution include the tax agenda and participation in bills. The senator noted that the partnership is on time because they are expecting oversight fund and once its due we will converge and chat a way forward.

Hon Sarai promised to help us fundraise for our activities and build a donor profile. He requested for a concept note on devolution so that he can start the fundraising. He also asked for our program and a reasonable budget so that his office may take care of some of them. On that note he offered 50 thousand to cater for likoni youth baraza on Saturday 20th February 2016.

Regarding our request on capacity building in parliament issues, the senator promised to avail a lawyer as from second week of March. The lawyer will be tasked to help institutionalize the capacity of the shadow parliament. In his own will Hon Hassan will from time to time mobilize media fraternity to enable MYA air their views to the public.


The president appreciated the senator for according MYA his time and showing goodwill in the proposed discussions. He professed MYAs wish to invite Hon Ekwe Ethuro senate speaker to the next session of which Hon Sarai accepted to bid on our behalf and ensure the speaker attends. The invitation letter to e forwarded to the senator by Monday.


Parting shot: “if it is working don’t fix it” 

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