1a). In all cases not provided for hereinafter, the rules, orders and forms of proceedings of the Mombasa Youth Assembly shall be followed as far as they may be applicable. For greater certainty, the uses, customs, and precedents of the traditions and cultural practices of the coastal people and the Kenya parliament shall be followed insofar as expediency permits.

(2) At all times the official language to be used during the sessions shall be the official language recognized by the constitution of Kenya i.e. English or Kiswahili.

The speaker shall be chair of all parliament proceeding. In the absence of the speaker and the deputy speaker, there will be a bench of 4 honourable members in a prioritised order that preside over the house business.

a.       The speaker through the office of the clerk gives formalnoticeto all MPs of Mombasa youth assembly of the assembly sessions.

b.      In case there is a draft resolution it should be presented in formal way to the clerk for them to be tabled in the house.

a)      Members shall present their amendments to the office of the clerk in writing as soon they receive the draft resolutions or latest 6 hours to opening of plenary.

b)      There will be a 3 member committee comprising of office of the clerk, chair of the specific standing committee and the respective cabinet secretary in charge of harmonizing the amendments of which the committee will meet 3 hours before opening of the plenary.

c)       The received amendments shall be clustered into 3 categories;

1.      Purely editorial and amendments accepted by the committee thus not up for discussion in the plenary

2.      Amendments for decision on plenary promoted by amendment mover(s) with contra opinion(s) that could lead to voting.( maximum of 2 amendment movers)

3.      Amendments’ for debate in the plenary of which discussions will be for the specific amendments after they have been presented on the floor of the house.(ends with a vote)

4.      The final draft will be presented  by the clerk and be up for a vote.

c.       If any member remarks or contribution amount to applause, then the tradition of the Kenyan parliament takes precedent i.e. foot thumbing