4          a) The sitting hours of the House shall be designated on the order paper at each meeting of the House. The order paper shall specify both the appointed time for adjournmentfor the sitting and the appointed time for commencement for the next meeting

b) Every member on the floor of the assembly shall be allocated time as stipulated on the time allocation guide line.

c) The speaker shall ensure gender sensitivity observed during the debate.

5.         (a) at the hour appointed for the adjournment of the sitting, the speaker shall rise and forthwith adjourn the House without question put or motion to that effect

            (b) At the hour appointed for the commencement of the NEXT sitting, the House shall proceed with the Routine Proceedings without question put or motion to that effect

6.         Every Member is bound to attend the service of the House, unless the Whip has granted leave of absence.

7.         (a) there has to be one third that is (20) Members in the House to Constitute Quorum

            (b) If the speaker determines that there is a lack of Quorum, the speaker shall instruct the whip to call in Members so that the Speaker may conduct a count of Members present

8. Afteradjournment of every session if need be,the speaker is permitted to invite the president to address the plenary or to react on the resolutions and if any, invites stakeholders to react on the resolutions.

9. A member shall give a notice of motion and no question or reaction will be put forward, only the speaker will give guidance to it.

10. A member shall give notice of an emergency motion to the office of the clerk as soon as possible depending on the urgency of the matter arising.