9.         Members shall be at all times dressed in dignified manner befitting a Member of Parliament in accordance with the Mombasa Youth Assembly (MYA) code of conduct. Men will wear official trouser,a shirt accompanied with neck ties and a coat. Ladies will put on official wear, either a skirt with a blouse or a modest trouser with a blouse and an official full dress is recommended.

10.       No Member shall take tobacco, food or any alcoholic drinks into the House or conduct him/herself in a manner which may damage the House.

11.       Members must bow and demonstrate proper respect to the Chair when they enter, leave or cross the House.

12.       No Member may pass between another Member and the Chair when the other Member is speaking.

13.       Members must continue to demonstrate proper respect for the Chair during either a recess or the proceedings of the Committee of the Whole House.

14.       No members shall be permitted on the floor of the House without the permission of the speaker. Any non-member admitted into any part of the House or gallery who misconduct him/herself may be removed if he or she does not withdraw.

15.       Members may send notes to other Members, but all such notes be signed and must not be offensive or threatening in nature. During replies to the speech from the Chair, Members shall not be allowed to send notes.

16.       Members may not display objects or bring items into the House that may disgrace or abuse the dignity of the House.