17.       Any Member addressing the House, if called to order by the speaker or on a Point raised by another members, shall sit down while the Point is being stated and remain seated during the Speaker’s ruling,

18.       (a) at any time, a Member may rise a Point of Order, to call the attention of the speaker to a breach of Procedure of the House. This must be done immediately and the member’s remarks must be strictly relevant to the point raised.

            (b)Subject to the speaker’s discretion, a Member may offer brief and concise remarks intended to clarify the circumstances surrounding the breach of procedure in question.

( c)The speaker shall allocate question time and invite the secretary to be cabinet engaged

            (d) Points of order may not be raised during question period or during Replies from the speech of the Chair, but may be raised at the end of these respective periods or otherwise immediately after the Routine Proceedings.