21.       (a) the Speaker shall preserve order and decorum and decide all questions of order before the House. No debate shall be permitted on any such decision nor shall it be subject of the appeal of the House.

            (b) if a violation of the House rules occurs, the offending member shall be instructed to desist from such behavior , apologize to the House, and withdraw his/her remarks. If a Member disregards the instructions from the Chair,then he/she shall be disciplined at the Speaker’s discretion.

22.       (a) Members wishing to speak must rise in his/her assigned position and may only speak after being recognized by the speaker.

23.       Only one Member may hold the floor of the House at a time. When two or more members rise to speak, the Speaker shall recognize the Member who rose first in his/her assigned place.

24.       Once recognized by the Speaker, a Member shall move to the assigned debating position and must address his/her remarks to the Chair.

25.       All members rising to speak shall be granted the right to speak, so long as time permits.

26.       When a Member is speaking, no other Member shall interrupt him or her, except to raise a Point of Order, point of information or a Question of Privilege.

27.       (a) Members may not read their speeches, although they may make reasonable references to their notes.

            (b) If a Member persists in reading his or her speech, the Speaker may direct the Member to discontinue his or her comments.

            (c) If a Member speaks issues not genuine to the motion on the floor, the Speaker shall ask the Member to discontinue his or her comments.

28.       No Member may use unparliamentarily or offensive language, or speak disrespectful of any Member of Mombasa Youth Assembly.


29.       No Member shall refer to another Member by name, but shall instead refer to him/her as Honorable Member, or   by the ward he/she represents or by portfolio.